2 Day Tuna Schedule

Fishing on the Pacific Ocean

Are you wanting a challenge in life beneath the sea? We love sharing the excitement found in fishing for this amazing fish. We want to share the knowledge we have with all those aboard our boat. Deckhands whose primary goal is to teach you the tricks of the trade. Helping you stuff your freezers full of meat at the end of the day.

We will be sleeping on the ocean, It’s a bit of a change for most people. But many have found so much love in its nature and natural rock’n roll of the boat.

Here is a basic outline of our Scheduled 2 Day Trip.

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2 Day Tuna Schedule

  1. Depart 7pm from Homeport (westport)
  2. Drive to Tuna grounds while Anglers sleep.
  3. Waking up between 4:30-5:30 pending sunrises
  4. Coffee and time to eat breakfast.
  5. 5:30 jigs in the water and scanning for fish
  6. Fish until dusk, then free time to eat and sleep.
  7. Wake up 4:30-5:30 pending sunrises
  8. Coffee & Breakfast Time
  9. 5:30 jigs in the water and scanning for fish
  10. Departure for home 10:30am
  11. Crew Fillet fish and Free Time.

Please check in at the office NO LATER than 6:00PM.

Overnight Trips depart between 7:00PM and midnight the evening

before your trip date.

Fillet Fees: $5.00 per fish

CANCELLATION POLICY  for Tuna Fishing is 60 Days

Season: Late June-October
Baits and Lures: Bait fish used with chum slick; plastic squids, multi-
chains, jigs, artificial lures
Methods and TackleTrolling, chunk baits with chum; medium to heavy

Please Request El Matador Thru our popular Local Charter office


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