El Matador History

Piece of Westport History

“Legends of Westport”

The Westport Charter fleet has some history to share. Built in 1972 and extended in 1974. Serving Ocean Shores and Westport as the local Ferry Vessel for quite some time. Now she is serving as a charter boat here in Westport, Washington.


Marty Rogers

New Owner – 2017

Westport, WA

Captain Marty Rogers El Matador

Marty Rogers is the owner/skipper of the El Matador. He began his journey fishing with his father and brother back in the late 60’s.

As a young boy growing up, he spent his summers deck handing and dreaming of the day he would own his own charter boat.

Marty bought his first boat in 1991. As a father of four children (at that time), he enjoyed many years of fishing.

Marty put his love of chartering on hold for a while, but is now back with the Deep Sea Charter’s fleet ready to continue where he left off. Marty and the crew will be fishing for rock fish, ling cod, halibut, salmon and albacore tuna. 

Bill Walsh

Retired – Original Owner – Bill Walsh

Westport, WA

A very humble and brilliant Entrepreneur of 11150315_895255147208667_133853312099922610_n (1)Westport. The name Bill Walsh resides with everyone that has ever purchased fuel here in westport, having owned the fuel dock. Now his days of being retired and relaxing are upon this hard working man.

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