Live Anchovy Guide

The Tuna Love Westports Anchovy selection. All bait is purchased here local and supports the fishing community of Westport.

Learn about live Bait:

Picking the right bait can mean an instant hook up!

Selecting a decent Anchovy:

  • Bloody nose or super easy to catch anchovies don’t tend to swim down and stay on the surface. Bad bait for albacore Tuna.
  • That Quick one that slips through your fingers is the one you want. Lively, Size does help sometimes, but getting depth fast is what we are wanting for hook bait.
  • Once they hit the deck, the impact stuns them and contaminates the bait. Please do not put back in the tank. Throw the anchovy up wind so we drift over the bait.

How to bait hook a Anchovy

Collar Hooking is going to be our main method for baiting.

Handing your Bait

Once that bait leaves the tank it’s slowly starting to die. So we need to move fast to get that bait back in the water.  Moving to the Downwind side of the boat and tossing your bait in the water while in free spool mode.

Bait test: If your bait fails to swim down and stays on the surface, discard the bait and get a new one. Repeat this process until you get a good bait. Not All Bait is Created equal.

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