Living On a Boat

This guide will help you prepare for life while we are out fishing.

So Things to Keep In mind;

  • Things roll on a boat, please always secure Items and drinks.
  • Glass is difficult to handle on a boat, please refrain from bringing any.
  • Sleeping with a diesel engine running, Maybe Ear plugs?
  • SeaSickness? Take your medication the night prior to the Trip. This will help the effects some receive.
  • If your Tummy is upset, please over the rail, never in the cabin or head(toilet).
  • At night time, buddy teams only on the back deck.
  • You may venture out at night but do not cross the yellow line without someone else out there with you.
  • Drinking heavily  the night prior of a trip will only end badly… Trust us.
  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed, but intoxication is not. Please drink Responsible.

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