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How to Mooch for Salmon

Mooching In Westport, Wa

Welcome to the little lesson we want to share with you before you come out Salmon fishing. these trick we have found will help speed up the process of catching a Salmon on one of our fishing charters.

Salmon Fishing Westport washington charter

The Concept we want…


To wander around aimlessly, often causing irritation to others.

  1. Ensure you got a good spin on your bait once it is on the hooks
  2. Slowly descend to the depth desired and  start reeling up 25ft or so
  3. Now slowly drop back down 25 ft, repeat step 2 until bite or bait check.
  4. Salmon don’t bite a bait that doesn’t move…

Bait Check

  • After doing this 5 -10 times, reel up till you start to see your sinker and stop. Sometimes Salmon will follow your bait to the surface and this pause allows them time to strike.

We found this video below that somewhat mimics the way we fish on our boat with a few minor changes. Can’t wait to go fishing with you!

  • 5-8 oz sinker
  • Swivel
  • Barbless J hook double leader

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