We have a special place in our hearts for fishing and the experience it has to share with the world. A time for love ones and friends alike to have a special bond. Here are the species we will be targeting so you can plan your experience.

Albacore Tuna


Are you Ready for the Wildest fight of your life?

Nothing Like a Tuna Bite!

The albacore is a powerful, hard-hitting predator. Schools of albacore are highly migratory within bodies of water and segregated by maturity, with older fish tending to form more compact groups. LEARN MORE About Tuna Charters>



(Lingcod, Rockfish)


They are found on the bottom, with most individuals occupying rocky areas at depths of 32 to 328 ft. Tagging studies have shown lingcod are a largely nonmigratory species, with colonization and recruitment occurring in localized areas only.



They commonly live at shallow inshore depths of 396 ft. (120 m), and can occasionally be found as deep as 444 ft. (135 m). The adults and subadults are commonly found near the sea bottom over both high and low terrain, and sometimes among eelgrass or other vegetation.


imagesThe term “salmon” comes from the Latin salmo,, meaning “to leap”

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Halibut-480x240The Pacific halibut is the world’s largest flatfish. At birth, they have an eye on each side of the head, and swim like a salmon. After six months, one eye migrates to the other side, making them look more like flounder.

This season is very Limited and Fills up Fast! Fishing at a very deep depth so bring a strong arm to reel up your beast!  Learn more about our halibut Trips

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