Westport Albacore Tuna

Freshest Albacore Tuna in Westport


This lucky town…Westport, Washington Has a Beautiful Coast full of albacore tuna.

 Blessed to be placed on the path of the Pacific Albacore Tuna Fleet. From the very start global production has tended to increase continuously from less than 0.6 million tonnes in 1950 to above 6 million tonnes today.  Much of that tonnage goes thru Westport, Wa.

Top Reason to pick this port for your Albacore Desires!


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Tuna are usually hot in July through September into October.

When you book a tuna fishing charter, you’ll embark on one of the most fast-paced and exciting fishing experiences you’ll ever get to experience.

Come with us out to the warm, deep, blue water, from 20 – 70 miles.


Here is a video of Commercial fishing here in Westport, Washington


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Westport, Wa

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