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Tuna fish report Aug 19th 2018

Had pretty steady jig fishing all day with an hour or two Gap in the afternoon. With 20 minutes to go we hit a school that went hot on bait. Ending our final score with 48 tuna

TUNA Report Aug 15th

Well guys the tuna are here and ready to bite. We really enjoyed out first trip of the season with a really fun crew.

The jigs were lighting up all day with decent size fish. Because of the size and fight they put up our crew had a run for their money.

Ending our trip with 30 Big fish!

MAY 19th 2018 – Fish report

Well what a good day on the ocean. We took out 9 anglers that were ready to slay the fish.

After about an hour ride out, we showed up and started to slaughter the fish. Then the bite stopped for a time before we got back on them.

We ended the day with 26 rockfish and 7 lingcod. We had 2 pretty big lings swim up to the boat piggy backing on a rock fish. So the fish are here guys!

We also got a chance to see some orcas while we were out there.