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Prevent Seasickness like a BOSS

Avoid ruining your vacation with these tips.

Being sick being sick on a boat is unbearable, but we can keep sea sickness from ruining your vacation.

RULE #1,

NEVER VOMIT on the boat or in the head, OVER the RAIL. Feed the fish, not contaminate the boat.


DOWNWIND, BACK OF THE BOAT, courteous to others

Things You will need to battle the sickness;

  • medication (Dramamine)
  • Water
  • Bread and other grains
  • Apples
  • Hard candy
  • Dry crackers

Step 1: DRUGS!

preventively take an over-the-counter antihistamine/Dramamine the night prior to boarding the boat (you can also consult your doctor for prescription medication)

You need to take the Dramamine the night prior to having it in your bloodstream before we leave. Taking in the morning of will not help you with the morning bar crossing.

  • Smoking of any kind prior to departure could cause you to get sick.

Step 2: FOOD!

  • Drink plenty of water prior to boarding. Dehydration can make you dizzy and cause nausea.
  • Bread and other grains apples and bananas are all good to snack on prior to departure.
  • Avoid anything greasy
  • Drinking Alcohol the night prior will doom you.

Step 3 –Finding a good spot on the boat:

find a spot on board where motion is least noticeable such as the inner middle part of the boat. A window can help with the rocking Motion in a perspective but can also worse than the feelings of nausea as more objects are moving.

Step 4 – focus on the horizon

If you think over and over again you are gonna get sick, your gonna keep feeling sick. Find a way to distract your mind until we get out to the fishing spot. Most times the feeling goes away in the presence of adrenaline in the blood. Many greenhorn deckhands tie knots on the way out to avoid the sickness.

 Step 6 – Oral distractions 

  • suck on hard candy or eat dry crackers to keep nausea in check
  • Laying down will doom you and increase the feeling.
  • Its best to ride it out and stay fishing, it does help when you catch a 30lb fish.


We found this video and wanted to share it with our viewers who don’t like to read and would rather watch a short video! Don’t forget to give the owner alike for his content!

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How to Mooch for Salmon

Mooching In Westport, Wa

Welcome to the little lesson we want to share with you before you come out Salmon fishing. these trick we have found will help speed up the process of catching a Salmon on one of our fishing charters.

Salmon Fishing Westport washington charter

The Concept we want…


To wander around aimlessly, often causing irritation to others.

  1. Ensure you got a good spin on your bait once it is on the hooks
  2. Slowly descend to the depth desired and  start reeling up 25ft or so
  3. Now slowly drop back down 25 ft, repeat step 2 until bite or bait check.
  4. Salmon don’t bite a bait that doesn’t move…

Bait Check

  • After doing this 5 -10 times, reel up till you start to see your sinker and stop. Sometimes Salmon will follow your bait to the surface and this pause allows them time to strike.

We found this video below that somewhat mimics the way we fish on our boat with a few minor changes. Can’t wait to go fishing with you!

  • 5-8 oz sinker
  • Swivel
  • Barbless J hook double leader

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Tuna Charter Guide

Tuna Fishing Gear

So you just booked your trip and now you’re needing some pointers to prep for this journey. We are going to try and help clear up some things to help you best pack and prepare for this Tuna Trip.

2 Day Tuna Schedule

Things to Practice before your Trip:

Things to pack:

  • Sleeping bag/ pillow
  • Cooler with food and Drinks (We prefer you bring non-glass items.)
  • Warm/Wet clothing
  • Wet Boots. Change of shoes for indoor. Multiple pairs of socks.
  • Fishing License: There is no fishing license for ‘tuna.’ Beginning in 2006, a saltwater fishing license is required to fish for albacore. Anglers can purchase either a saltwater angling license, or combo license, or a multi-day stamp.
  • Sunscreen
    • Apply often, Sun bites bad out here
  • Pliers
    • Oil them or Stainless steel
  • Sunglasses
    • Polarized allows you to see beneath the water.
  • Raingear (Bibbs or pants)
    • It’s gonna be wet and bloody

Food To bring:

This is a fast paced fishery that will limit your time available to cook sometimes. Nothing like having to reheat something 6 times before you actually get to enjoy its yumminess.

So we suggest you pack power bars and tons of light snacks. At times we may be on a 5 hour long bite. You don’t want to miss that journey because you’re heating up your chowder.

So snacks for the day and a nice meal for night time.


The Crew will be securing the coolers you bring with rope on deck. We ask no styrofoam and keep in mind size of the cooler and what’s stored in it. How often will it need to be accessed? Try to link up with other anglers and collaborate food storage.

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When Can you book With Us?

Season: Late June-October
Baits and Lures: Bait fish used with chum slick; plastic squids, multi-
chains, jigs, artificial lures
Methods and TackleTrolling, chunk baits with chum; medium to heavy

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